FEROX will deliver a new human-centred solution to keep people away from unsafe and unhealthy jobs, engaging and empowering end-users and workers as well as supporting professionals in trustworthy hybrid decision-making. FEROX will therefore demonstrate how AI, data, robotics and automated methods can support workers in their daily tasks, improving working conditions (both physical and social) and work performance/efficiency, while considering safety, security and resilience. Below we report some AI and robotic solutions used by partners to achieve the project goals.

Fleet management system for the coordination

of multi-robot systems

Graphical user interfaces for human-robot interaction and meaningful human control and oversight

Computer vision-based techniques to detect and classify vegetation and AI-driven identification of the best location for berry pickers

Fully autonomous drones that fly below the canopy of the forest, in-between the trees, to capture multi-modal data that can be analyzed by AI to produce a vast array of maps and geoinformatics products.