Collecting wild berries and mushrooms in the forest requires flexible resources that are capable of moving in challenging conditions in different forests and swamps. Due to these challenges only human workers are so far able to perform such difficult tasks effectively. To solve these main challenges and others, the FEROX project will validate the utilization of AI, data and robotics using 4 use cases:

Use case #1 - Forest modelling and crop estimation 

The FEROX solution will allow mapping of the picking areas before the harvest commences to help the estimation of the crop locations and quantity. 

Use case #2 - Boosting workers’ safety and trust 

The FEROX solution will offer better navigation, locating, and monitoring services to the workers using autonomous drones and highly detailed maps

Use case #3 - Optimization of operations and logistics 

The FEROX solution will provide optimization services for the pickers to select the areas and the needed number of workers and the working hours to guarantee a healthy and balanced working load

Use case #4 - Heavy-lift robotic physical support for the workers 

The FEROX solution will offer heavyweight drones (HWD) to carry the load to the drone station where the collected wild berries can be marked and stored for each worker