FEROX aims to support workers with collecting wild berries and mushrooms in wild and remote areas of Nordic countries. The project solution will utilize the latest advances in artificial intelligence (AI), data and robotics technologies. The need for a solution that improves the human experience is substantial. As wild berries and mushrooms grow in forests, the access to these products is very challenging. The picking work is generally conducted by foreign workers and hobbyists and performed manually. It requires physical capabilities and patience in varying weather conditions during the summer season. In addition, as the workers are from foreign countries with very little knowledge of the work locations and the native language, some of them may suffer from anxieties of being injured or lost in the forests. Moreover, the optimum locations for the workers to pick the products are uncertain, which exerts added pressure on the workers to locate themselves optimally as their pay relies entirely on the amount of berries and mushrooms they collect daily. 

These and many other reasons have motivated the consortium to introduce the FEROX project.